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If you have a kid that’s obsessed with all things animal, then you’ve got a little one on your hands that is going to want to dress up as their favorite animal at the zoo at Halloween.  And now they can dress up for Halloween as their favorite animal when you get them this incredibly soft, warm for cold Fall evenings, and plushy, furry full-body kid’s animal costume onesie outfit.   Perfect to wear when they’re going out to collect candy around the neighborhood on Halloween night, or when they’re just trying to get snug as a bug in a rug just before bedtime, when they’re eating a healthy snack, sitting on the sofa with mom and day watching everyone’s favorite television show or movie.  But,  the Flappy Suit isn’t your typical kid’s Halloween costume!  Flappy Suits are unique because they’re not only animal onesies for kids, what sets Flappy Suits apart from other kid’s Halloween costumes, are the secret airbags sewn into the costume itself!   These automatically make the ears, tails, trunks, and wings move on their own when they’re touched.COSTUME SPECIFICS:  These children’s onesie Flappy animal suits are adorable.  Each animal costume features a hood as well as ears that move on their own.  With secret airbags hidden inside the costume, the ears, or tails, trunks, and wings on the costume move automatically as if they’re radio-controlled without any effort on the part of the wearer, making Flappy Suit one of the most unique costumes available at Halloween.
PICK-A-ANIMAL:    Because we know that kids love all animals across the spectrum, we’ve created exclusive Flappy Suits that represent a rabbit, lion, unicorn, panda, bear, and elephant.   With the secret air pockets in Flappy Suits, a rabbit’s ears flap, a lion’s tail wags, a unicorn’s wings flutter, a panda wrinkles its ears, and a bear’s tail and ears shake.
EASY-TO-WEAR:   Wearing a cumbersome Halloween costume can make a child exhausted by the end of the Halloween night.  Our Flappy Suit onesies are loose-fitting, and they allow for your little one to have a perfect flexibility when it comes to movement.  Stylish, comfortable, and let’s not forget: fun!, Flappy Suits are ideal when it comes to a Halloween costume, a kids cosplay costume, or even if your little one is looking for animal PJs that they wear to bed each night.
COMFORTABLE: Our Flappy Suits are made of the perfect blend of high-quality materials and fun. This means that all of our kid’s animal onesies are not only plush but that they’re all the most comfortable of Halloween costumes or kid’s pajamas. Our Flappy Suits will not only keep your little ones warm during the Fall or Winter cold months but because all of them are full-zip, they also allow your children to get dressed fast.