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Spanish moss is a superb air plant which grows in long silverish festoons, hanging from tree limbs. Scientific name: Tillandsia Usneoides. One of the most the most common uses for Spanish Moss is to retain moisture in container hanging basket plants, container plants, planter boxes and in floral arrangements. It also adds a flair to your plantings. Spanish Moss can be dried for use in wreaths, ground covering and crafts. Spanish Moss can be used In Floral Designs. Use spray paint to color the moss and add to your designs to give a wonderful colorful affect to your floral creations. If you raise birds, you can use the Spanish Moss in your bird nesting boxes. Your pet reptiles such as snakes and frogs will love to create burrows in Spanish Moss.Fresh, live Spanish Moss (2.5 lbs packed in a box).
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Wonderful for crafts, displays, costumes, and floral arrangements.
Customize plants and planters.
Straight From Florida’s Natural Resources.