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UNEEDE Spider Stickers Halloween Spider and Webs Wall Decals Vinyl Waterproof Window Sticker Window Clings Set for Kids Rooms, Classrooms, Bedroom, Halloween Party

Great Halloween decorative stickers, you can use it to decorate homes, schools, shopping malls, coffee houses, bookstores, and various meeting places, I believe that when your children see these spiders will be happy screaming.

How to use Halloween spider wall stickers :

1:before applying the sticker to a wall make sure it is free of dust and dirt.

2.Place the Halloween spider wall in a smooth position.

3. Place the transfer film on the Halloween Spider Wall Sticker, making sure that the sides are aligned and slowly press by hand until the transfer film is completely attached to the wall sticker.

4. Gently tear off the transfer film, they will be attached with the Halloween spider, so that you can completely affix it to the wall, you can use a small card to slowly smooth the surrounding area, and finally gently transfer the film Tear off, the sticker will remain on the wall.

How to use Spider glass sticker:

(1)Please keep the glass or wall level flat to make sure they are dust free.

(2)The bottom of the glass sticker is white, separate from the black spider sticker. you can easily tear it off with your hands and flatten it on the glass to make sure they don’t wrinkle.

Package includes:

1* Halloween wall sticker,1* transfer film.

1* window spider sticker.

?Spider and Webs stickers are made of pvc static waterproof material, which can only be glued to glass, windows, mirrors. You don’t need to buy double-sided tape, which saves you a small amount of money. Halloween text stickers and three big spider stickers come with glue, can be attached to the wall, TV, so that you are originally monotonous, bare room is instantly full of vitality.
?Realistic design, from a distance, like a real spider and net on the glass, these fun and scary Halloween party stickers and horror style make this special festival more attractive and impressive.
?These specially designed scary spiders will give your home a different visual experience. As a backdrop decoration for Halloween party supplies, great scene setters for you and your family to take pictures. giving you an enjoyable and terroriable time with your kids and family.
?Each spider can be torn off alone. They are not limited to the distance from a piece of paper. They are suitable for change and placed anywhere. They can be reused. If you accidentally misplaced it, grab it with your hand. Take their corners and then gently tear them off. No matter how long you put them, they won’t damage your windows. This is what makes it special.
?What you get -1pcs Halloween spider wall sticker, 1Pcs spider web electrostatic glass sticker.Perfect Halloween Decor Set.